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Sheree Carradine

My name is Sheree Carradine.  On this site there is something for
I am a licensed minister, mother, self-employed seamstress and a
published author.
The owner CEO of PERSONALIZE IT INC and now the A.CO line.  God
has blessed me with the talent of  using  my hands to create various
garments, children’s bag, and more!  Life's circumstances led me to
share my story with others through the writing of my book.

I am the author of the book ; THE JOY AND THE PAIN OF THE SINGLE
CHRISTIAN WOMAN.  My ministry is to reach hurting women.  I
happen to be a single woman that has been on both sides of the coin,
married then single.  As a single woman I faltered so many times.
God took my messed up life and led me to put it in a book.  

Since the birth of my book,
many others things have been birthed. In the following pages you will
see the many things under the name Personalizeit/ A.C.O (Another
Carradine Original)
They call me the Personalizeit Lady everything on this site is designed to fit your
every need.
I am totally focused on my client's needs, and I work to realize their dreams as if
they were my own. Sheree Carradine
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